Diamond Drilling

photo of a diamond drill, drilling into a wall

Diamond core drilling produces a smooth positionally- accurate hole through reinforced concrete, brickwork and stone, with an absence of dust and vibration.

Using electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic powered drilling rigs, Tranco can drill holes ranging from 12mm in diameter right up to 800mm in diameter.

The diamond drilling service has a wide range of applications from holes in walls and floors for services to extracting concrete cores for testing purposes. Rectangular or Circular openings can be drilled using a technique called Stitch Drilling. This is the forming of large openings by drilling a series of overlapping holes.

Floor Sawing

picture of a floor saw

Tranco are fully equipped with a wide range of floor sawing machines, for sawing through reinforced concrete, asphalt and similar materials.

Tranco can successfully cut up to 500mm in depth for a variety of applications such as creating large openings in floor slabs, to cutting break-lines for trench excavation leaving minimum reinstatement required.

Our environmentally friendly 3-phase electric floor saws are employed when noise and fume-free sawing is required to be carried out in sensitive areas such as working in offices, hospitals, hotels, food factories and supermarkets.

Tranco are also equipped with small compact saws for cutting 10mm - 15mm expansion joints, and for those tight spots! With experienced operators in house, Tranco can carry out precision sawing in virtually any situation.

Wall and Floor Chasing

picture of a wall chasing machine

Method - Cutting two parallel lines to accommodate conduit piping.

Areas - Large Supermarkets, Electrical outlets, Retail parks.

Advantages - Uniformly concealed pipework, Relatively dust free, Vibration free, Cost effective, Minimal making good.

Hydraulic Equipment

a picture of hydraulic construction equipment

Using these Hydraulic Tools, and combining them with 100 metres of hydraulic hose, means the work environment is kept free of dust and fumes.

Using hydraulic tools means there is is less noise coming from the compressor and the tool head itself. Again, cutting down on the environmental impact of our work.

Hydraulic fluid is also a bad conductor of electricity, making the work environment a safer place to be.

Tranco Fleet

a picture of the tranco fleet of vans

With our own fleet of vans, no job is too big or too small.

We can cover quite a large geographical area, including: Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire and North Wales.

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